Tuesday, January 12, 2016

winter haikus

cold water crackles
where the bushes hit the creek
the magic of ice

Swimmers go indoors
Boats have been stored somewhere else
winter dormancy

The snow piles up
white and fluffy but so cold
needing some color

On a quiet street,
the snow serves as a blanket.
hibernation time.

Snow on tree branches
glitters in the cold sunlight
magic of winter

bare tree limbs point up
to a sky devoid of warmth
winter dormancy


Alana said...

Of all the haikus, I enjoyed the first one the most. I could hear the crackling in my mind. I also liked you taking all your posted pictures in black and white, a most underutilized technique (and one I don't use enough, myself.)

Ashley said...

love love love. very beautiful and simple and the pictures were wonderful.

Martha said...

One word, exquisite!!

Holly Jahangiri said...

Lovely! Glad you broke up all that ice with some cuddly warm teddy bears, though! :)

Alice Gerard said...

Thank you!!!

Jean said...

Especially enjoyed the first and last photos and haiku. Black and white format really highlights the wintriness of the pictures.