Friday, June 4, 2021

An interview with Sam I am


Today, I've asked a guest blogger to write a blog post for me. The guest blogger that I invited to write the blog post is the Cat in the Hat. He said that, in the house that he nearly destroyed, the things that he never found were green eggs and ham. In fact, no one has ever once offered him green eggs and ham. And so, he decided to do an interview with Sam I Am. Below is the Cat in the Hat's interview with Sam I Am.

Cat: Sam I am, I have heard rumors that you are starting a restaurant and catering service. What are you planning on serving?

Sam: Green eggs and ham.

So you will mainly be serving breakfast?

Oh, no. We will be serving all meals. We are planning some spectacular fritattas with a salad for our dinner customer. On occasion, we will offer an exquisite green egg drop soup.

Will you be serving green eggs with a mouse?

No, mouse isn't on the menu.

Not as a main course! As a dinner guest!

No one wants to eat green eggs and ham with a mouse. We can't permit that to happen. Mice like to eat more than their share. 

Are you planning on holding any special events?

Of course. 

Can you talk more about them?

Oh yes. We will have musical entertainment and storytellers and taste tests. You will like it in a booth, on a chair, on the floor or here and there. 

Do you like to talk in rhyme?

Do I like to talk in rhyme? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Maybe now, but not all of the time.

Do you have anything else that you'd like to add?

Don't resist the green eggs and ham. I have a limerick that celebrates green eggs and ham for you.

You must eat delicious eggs and ham

with some bread topped with strawberry jam

the food tastes so fine

that here you must dine

Please join us for dinner, Madame Clam.

Thank you very much, Mr. Sam I am.

It was my pleasure.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Comments and conversations

 It's hard to believe that the Ultimate Blogging Challenge for May 2021 is almost done. And it's also amazing to think that I have participated in two back to back blogging challenge, with April being dedicated to the A to Z challenge. I am very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog posts and commented on them. Today, I am going to share the comments from the interview post that I did with Jeanine Byers, as well as a Wordless Wednesday post.

Jeanine interviews Alice!

What delightful answers, Alice!! I also like to eat when I'm bored. But unluckily, I often find that eating settles indigestion. Wish I had an upside down smile emoji to put there. That is so cool about your relationship to tea and times with your mom. My love for tea is also connected to the women in my family. My grandmother used to make the best sweet tea I have ever tasted. I would drink so much of it that I wouldn't care if I ate - and I still often find that to be true with tea. But my mom loved morning cups of hot tea, and sometimes had them at night, too. I love that you write about living with gusto! That's so neat. And how wonderful that your self care routines include exercise. I love movies about free spirits. I like funny songs, too, and for some reason, the one you mentioned reminded me of one I have always thought was funny. It's one that winks at you, about a girl with a brand new pair of roller skates & a boy with a brand new key. That is a fun song to sing! So is Helen Reddy's The Last Blues Song. But both of those are pop songs and so old, they might not be available at a karaoke bar. Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you!


You're very welcome, Jeanine. Thank you for a list of questions that permitted me to dig inside and to share the things of my heart. That is something that I observed in your blog: the ease that you have in discussing the things of your heart. And that is why I asked you to interview me. I felt confident that you could get past the surface and that you would be able to talk to the essence of me.

Jamie B: Hi Alice and Jeanine, Great idea having a blogger interview. I have never heard of visual journals, but now I am intrigued as I love to paint.

I also like your self care routine with the bath bombs, that is something I have on the calendar to write about this Sunday. About the Tea-Par-teas that you and your mother started, how about having a virtual one with your blogger friends? I am sure there would be a good handful or two of us that would love to see your smiling face. Virtual tea-par-teas isn't quite traveling, but you certainly can build a good list of friends to visit when it is safe for everyone to travel again!

Sending lots of love and gratitude,


I think that having a Virtual Tea-Par-Tea with blogger friends would be a fantastic idea. I think that we could do it via Zoom.

I believe that our next Ultimate Blogging Challenge will be in August, and I could try to set up the virtual Tea-Par-Tea for August! It would be a fun way to get together, plus it would be a great way for me to honor my mom. I think that she would love to know that the tea event that she created for the two of us is being shared with others who love tea. Look for an invitation some time in August!

Dominique: Blogger interviews are always fun. This was a very entertaining read -- I love the story about drinking tea. It made me think about spending time with my mom. Thanks for the read!

You're very welcome! I am so happy that Jeanine asked me about the tea. In fact, right now, I am enjoying a cup of hibiscus tea. It's a nice, relaxing herbal tea that's good before I sleep.

Martha: What a great interview Alice! I loved your replies to the questions.

Thank you so much, Martha!

Kebba: Alice, I loved reading your answers to the questions. The comment that will stick with me for many years is your Mom's statement: You should drink from a bigger cup! The more I know about you, the more interesting you become. Thanks for sharing about you!

My mom really loved her large cups. And she loved her tea. 

Floral Dreams (#wordlesswednesdays): In this blog post, I shared pictures of springtime flowers, with very few words.

Martha: What beautiful flowers, the colors are so vibrant and happy!

Thank you, Martha. I love bright colors. It is the thing that I love about springtime. After a gloomy monochromatic winter, the color slowly starts returning to my world and, before I know it, everything is bathed in vivid color. 

Dr. Renee: I feel like I should 'say' anything on Wordless Wednesday but it's hard to comment without words :)


You are an amazing photographer. Thank you for taking me on a Spring walk (we still have a little bit of snow on the ground, but it's supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow).

Thank you so much. I was happy to share my spring walk with you. And, for sure, springtime weather is crazy and unpredictable.

Doug: Hi Alice do you spend a lot of time editing these beautiful pictures or do they come out of the camera looking this great?

Thank you so much, Doug. I do tend to take a lot of pictures. And I reject a lot. Usually, the only editing that I do is to crop the picture to improve the composition. I am fortunate to also be a visual artist so I've had a lot of training as a painter in composition. Maybe in a future blog post, most likely in August, I could talk about ways to compose a photograph or a painting.

Flo C.:
Hey Alice, I love spring and I adore flowers. Thanks for contributing to my enjoyment of life today.

You're very welcome. It is my pleasure.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Insults, Shakespeare-style

 I participate in a play reading group that meets via Zoom every Wednesday evening. It is a fun way to explore a wide variety of plays. Plus I really like the opportunity to get dramatic, to shout, to sing, and to make long speeches! We have explored the works of a variety of playwrights. Last night, we read "The Winter's Tale," by William Shakespeare. I really did try to be serious about this but when I started referring to people as "bed swervers" and "ape bearers," I exploded into fits of laughter.

Well, anyway, I thought that a fun creative writing exercise would be to use a bunch of Shakespearean insults in a poison pen letter. William Shakespeare was well known for creating some really inventive and hilarious insults. I think that it would be funny to write a poison pen letter full of Shakespearean insults to the robo caller who wanted me to buy an extended warranty for a nonexistent car.

Here is the group of Shakespearean insults that I plan on incorporating into the poison pen letter. While I was searching on line for the insults, I discovered a Shakespearean insults generator. I thought that was a funny thing so here are five really juicy insults: 

  • thou saucy beetle-headed lewdster
  • thou degenerate prick-eared malt-worm!
  • thou babbling beef-witted mumble-news
  • thou greasy rump-fed maggot pie
  • thou droning onion-eyed vassal
And now, without further ado, I'm going to write the poison pen letter.

Dear Purveyer of Extended Warranties for Cars, both real and imagined:
Lately, I have been receiving far too many valueless robo calls emanating, supposedly from local numbers (undoubtedly hijacked). When I can't answer, I call the number back, only to find that the person at the other end never called me. When I do answer the call, I hear the artificial voice of some babbling beef-witted mumble news being delivered by one of your minions. This recorded voice interrupts me while I'm cooking dinner, when I'm out taking a walk, or when I am working. Minor detail: I don't own a car so why would I want to buy an extended warranty for a non-existent vehicle?

When I think that the phone number looks familiar, I answer the phone, only to hear the artificially chipper voice of a droning onion-eyed vassal of some large, unidentified corporation, whose sales department is obviously headed by a saucy beetle-headed lewdster. Does that corporation really care about the people whom it's annoying with its incessant robo calling? Or does it just seek greater and greater acts of glory by robo calling people who have blocked your fake phone numbers, over and over again? Do you think that's the work of a company that puts its potential customers first? Do you actually believe that you are selling a product that has any value to anyone? I submit that the copy of those pre-recorded phone calls is composed by some degenerate prick-eared malt worm, whose diet consists of greasy rump-fed maggot pies and other "foods," too unappetizing to even mention.  

I look forward to never hearing from you again.

Sooo... here is my challenge to you. Write your own poison pen letter, using Shakespearean insults to make your point even pointier. Here is the link to the random Shakespearean insult generator: How to Insult People like William Shakespeare! Knock your socks off! And feel free to say anything you like about Shakespearan insults and/or poison pen letters featuring Shakespearean insults in the comments section below.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Journalists under attack


Today's blogging prompt is about sharing my opinion on something that I read in the news recently. I saw in today's issue of The New York Times that the European Union has called on all E.U.-based airlines not to fly over Belarus, and it has asked for the banning of planes from Belarus in E.U. airspace and airports. This comes after a plane traveling between Greece and Lithuania was diverted to Belarus. And why was that? 

Belarusian authorities, under the direction of dictator Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, ordered the seizing (kidnapping?) of journalist Roman Protasevich, who created a channel critical of the dictatorship. Lukashenko defended his action by claiming that there was a "security risk" on board the airplane.

For Lukashenko, any hint of criticism is reframed as a "security risk." Critics and journalists are subjected to being crushed just to satisfy the ego of a dictator described by Wikileaks as "bizarre."

Threatening journalists with prosecution and long prison sentences for reporting the news is an attack on the press' ability to report on the news and provide unbiased information to readers and viewers.

Israel chose a more explosive technique for intimidating journalists. The Israeli military bombed a building in Gaza that housed the Associated Press, Al Jazeera, and other media outlets. No one was injured, as the journalists received one-hour advanced warning to vacate the building before the bombing started. 

Dr. Mostefa Souag, acting director general of Al Jazeera, said that Israel was "attempting to silence the media" and that the attack was a war crime. According to the Geneva Convention, journalists are civilians and are entitled to the same protections as other civilians in a war zone. Because journalists often go into dangerous, volatile places to report on the news, they are already at high risk of becoming collateral damage as a result of military or terrorist attacks. It is an occupational hazard. 

Violent attacks on the offices of multiple media outlets are actd of intimidation designed to prevent journalists from reporting on the news and provide unbiased information to readers and viewers.

One of the most horrific attacks on a journalist occurred in Saudi Arabia, where Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered. 

Freedom of the press is under attack in many countries around the world, including the United States, where journalists have been subject to arrest while covering protests. Attacks on journalists by police and others in the form of arrests, assaults, theft of equipment, and much more. These assaults on the free press are being maintained by U.S. Press Freedom Tracker.

Everywhere in the world, much more work can be done to safeguard the freedom of journalists to do their jobs to keep us informed and to ensure the transparency of government.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

An interview with... Alice!


Today's blogging prompt was to ask a colleague to interview me. So I decided to ask another blogger to do the honors. According to Jeanine Byers' "About Me" section, she is a lifestyle blogger whose credentials include being a certified extreme self care coach and mindfulness coach. She is also a tea consultant with Steeped Tea. In addition to that, she is the chief experience officer with the Mindful Tea Society, which is an online membership group for women seeking a peaceful and positive weight-loss experience via a supportive group.

So without further ado, here is the interview!

What would you say is the primary topic you blog about in Alice's Grand Adventures?

Living with gusto and enthusiasm. Living larger than I am. Living with a sense of wonder at the beauty of the earth and the stars. Living with the realization that even familiar spaces can be explored and can be seen with new eyes. And maybe even laughing a bit because life can also get really silly. If only people would embrace their silliness.

Have you ever thought about creating a course on visual journaling? Or creating visual journals, to sell?

I admit that I've never thought about doing that! I have, however, thought about putting together a course on creative writing, with a focus on helping people through writers' block, which affects everyone. Too many people think that they can't write! That's just not true! If you can talk, you can write. Some people struggle with the physical aspect of writing. That, however, is no longer a barrier. There are many speech-to-text options available now. It means that, literally, if you can talk, you can write.

And now, I'm thinking that the second course could be the visual journaling course. When we exand our horizons from just the written (or spoken) word to visual images. The visual journal could be an actual book or it could be something on the computer. I know many people who have a real gift for the various paint programs that are on computers. They create really amazing images, and they could write the stories (either invented stories or stories from their own lives) or poems to go with those images. I have found that creating visual journals is a great method of self expression, and I would love to see more people do it, to realize that it is something that is accessible to everyone.

I don't yet know how to design a visual journal. For now, I'm going to call that a work in progress.

Do you have a self care routine?

I don't know if you can call it a routine but I do like to do things that help my mind, my heart, and my body. A warm bath with a nice smelling bath bomb and some good music is one method of self care. Another is to walk along the river, which is a beautiful and soothing place to walk. I would use candles but that's not an option because it's a violation of my lease. A more self-indulgent method of self care would be the hot chocolate bomb. It seems to be a bit indulgent but, to feel happy and cared for, there are times when self-indulgent is exactly what you need. Another form of self care would be the physical fitness routine that I've been doing since January. I can feel my progress. I'm getting stronger. And feeling stronger is another way of helping my mind, my heart, and my body. 

Would you say that you are a tea lover? How would you describe your relationship with tea? 

I love to drink tea. It is truly a cup of joy for me. After all, I am Alice, and Alice went, albeit unwillingly, to the Mad Tea Party with the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, and the Dormouse. It was an odd event. Alice never was able to experience that suspension of disbelief that she had somehow accidentally fallen into a world populated by strange rabbits and playing cards and babies that turn into pigs. The tea, however, was the very real thing and she was willing to accept the tea.

For me, the tea is the very real thing. It was the thing that bonded me to my parents. My mom liked to ask me if I wanted to have a Tea-Par-Tea. I made the tea for us, and we had tea and conversation. For a while, my mom was writing a novel, and she was so animated when she told me about her characters. The time when she was most likely to do that was over a cup of tea. She loved drinking her tea out of large mugs. Sometimes, she told me that my mugs were too small and that I needed to drink out of a big mug.

After my mom went into the nursing home, days went by between my cups of tea. It was hard to adjust to a solitary cup of tea. No more Tea-Par-Tea. It felt as if the magic was gone. 

But now, the magic of tea is slowly coming back. I have been tasting different types of tea. I now have loose tea and tea balls. I think that my mom would want me to remember her with each cup of tea. I now drink my tea out of a big mug and I smile because I think of her drinking her tea out of a big mug.

Do you ever eat in response to response to stress? If so, what triggers you?

I think that it depends on the amount of stress. If it is an extreme amount, then no because eating would give me indigestion. If it's less stress, maybe. But in general, stress isn't the thing that motivates me to eat too much. For me, the trigger is boredom. I am an active person and I really don't like being bored. When I'm bored, I think that a taste test might be a good thing to do. Except how many taste tests do I really need? Oh! But it tastes so good. How could it not taste good? It's... French cheese... Uhhh, you finished it. Again, I think, as I lick my chops. And now, I'm sleep. Naptime!

Fortunately, I'm entering the season in which I'm less likely to overeat, because I'm busily working on gardens. You don't gobble down food in the garden since, if you drop it, it's going to get very dusty and unappetizing.

What's your favorite movie of all time?

Wow, that is a very difficult question to answer. How do I pick just one? Well, it changes from day to day. Right now, I am going to pick "The Red Balloon." It is a French movie that was made in 1956 about a boy and his relationship with a balloon that follows him everywhere. It is a movie about imagination, about how a free spirit can triumph over conformity and dullness. It is about magic and it is about the gentle spirit of a boy. Very few words are uttered, which adds to the wonder of this delightful movie.

What is your current favorite song to sing?

Right now, it's "The Skye Boat Song." It is a Scottish song that was written in the nineteenth century about the escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie (Prince Charles Stuart) to the Isle of Skye. It's sung as a slow lullaby, and I find it very delightful to sing in that style.

If you were in a karaoke bar, can you think of a song that you would sing?

Oooh, that's a really hard question because I literally have no pop music in my repertoire. Except at Christmas time. I can go to the karaoke bar once a year  and sing, "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus." That's a fun song to sing. At not-Christmas time, I would want to sing "How much is that doggie in the window" because it's hilarious but I don't know if that's a karaoke song or not.

Has anyone ever compared you to another singer and, if so, who?

N9t really. People have compared me to artists, such as Henri Matisse because I like bright colors, but I've never been compared to another singer. Probably because I mostly sing choral music so I have to blend with other singers and not stick out and show off my vocal style so much.

What are you most looking forward to in a (somewhat) post-COVID 2021? 

Travel, I think. I'm full of wanderlust. My last big adventure was a walk with Voices for Creative Nonviolence in coastal Georgia, from Savannah to King's Bay to protest nuclear weapons. It was a good experience. Such a beautiful place to walk. That was in September of 2018. It seems like a long time ago, now. In fact, the walks that I took with groups were some of the early reasons for maintaining this blog. I wanted to have a place to share stories and pictures about the adventurous walks that I took through different places. Over time, the blog included more close to home adventures and artwork and creative writing exercises. But exploration was always the main motivation and I hope that the world has recovered enough to permit that sort of travel. 

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Photo captions from the readers!!

On Friday, I posted two pictures and asked readers to submit captions for the pictures. And I said that I would share those captions on Sunday. I received five submissions, and so, here they are. They are all very delightful. I thank everyone who participated in this fun activity for writing these captions. I hope to do something like this again soon. It was really nice to have an interactive post, and I hope that everyone enjoys these captions.

Bird captions:
(with a look of concern in its eyes) "Where did my mother go?" (submitted by Martha)

"Maybe if I sing a sweet song they will feed me?" (submitted by Jaime)
"I'm not ready to leave the nest!" (submittd by Lisa)

"This ballroom lighting is making me dizzy; I might fall off my perch." (submitted by Doug)

Cat captions:

(in deep thought) "is that runs for me?"(submitted by Martha)

"Please don't make me a cat meme-meow" (submitted by Jaime)

(question from the bird) Is that a cat in MY front yard? (submitted by Lisa)

 "Don't disturb me. I am concentrating on that bird that is about to fall off of its perch." (submitted by Doug)

Caption that fits both photographs:

Bird: Why are you staring at me, Ms. Cat?
Cat: I'm hungry, Mr. Bird. Either give me food or let me eat you.
Bird: Is there a third option?
Cat: Sing to me so that I might forget my empty stomach.
Bird: I will sing a song to help you forget to eat me.
Cat: Agreed. Start singing.
(submitted by Diane)

What other interactive posts would you like to see here in Alice's Grand Adventures? Please make your suggestions in the comment section below!

Tea and conversation in Italy with blogger friends

 note: The last place that I visited on my virtual trip around the world was in Croatia. I am now in a coffeehouse called Caffe Florian in Venice, Italy, with two bloggers who share one blog, titled "The Martha Review." The bloggers are Martha and her great-granddaughter, Lia. Just as we are getting ready to order, we meet up with Jeanine, who has a lifestyle blog titled "Welcome to Gingerbread Cottage."

We are excited about sharing some lovely Italian pastries, including tiramisu, tarfuto, gianduiotto, and gianduia e pistacchio, along with delicious biscotti. Our beverage is a gorgeous tea, called Florian blooming tea. And for Lia, there are various types of fruit juices.

We are eager to know more about one another. Lia wants to know if she could learn how to make Italian pastries. Martha and Jeanine have a few questions for me, so they interview me. Lia also asks a few questions.

How did you get the gecko to pose?

Carefully. Well, actually, he's in a terrarium, and he was just standing there and watching the humans. Apparently, he thinks that we are fascinating. His companion gecko is not as thrilled with humans and he tends to be a bit bitey.

Are you bitey, as well?

Apparently, being bitey is not considered a very cute trait in humans. It's much more endearing in a young kitten or puppy. Since it's unlikely that I'm about to become a kitten or a puppy anytime in the near future, I try hard not to be bitey.

Is it true that Lucy is a feline alarm clock?

Yes, she likes to wake me up at about seven in the morning to serve her breakfast. This is a daily occurrence. Even when I had a reaction to my second COVID-19 vaccine, Lucy made sure that I fed her before I went back to bed. She is a cat who knows exactly what she needs and how to get it. If I don't get up quickly enough, she gets bitey. She bites the top of my head, which I don't understand because she gets a mouthful of human hair. But that does the trick. I get up and serve her Royal Majesty her food. 

What are you reading right now?

I am reading a book called The Last Flight, by Julie Clark. It's about two women, Claire and Eva, who are so determined to get away from their difficult lives that they switch flights and identities after a chance encounter in an airport. The genre is psychological thriller so the things that happen after Claire and Eva pull off the big switcharoo are shocking and unexpected. 

Do you want to say any more about that?

Nope, I don't want to give away any spoilers!

Is there anything new and exciting going on in Grand Island, New York, that we should know about?

As a matter of fact, yes. A new restaurant, called Taquito Lindo, is going to open on the first of June. It's going to specialize in all sorts of delicious tacos. The other exciting thing is that, at the south end of the island, Casey's Cabana has opened for another season. Among the goodies being served this summer will be smoothie bowls. I saw a picture. It looks like it's some treat! 

When will Lucy write another post in your blog?

Soon, really soon. She has a few ideas for a topic but she isn't ready to share yet.

On your virtual tour of Italy, what would you like to see?

Oh, there's so much to see! I am excited about exploring Venice because it is a completely car-free city. And then there's Tuscany and Lake Como and Milan with the famous opera house, La Scala. Opera is so much fun. I discovered, when I got to be in a few opera choruses, that opera is a better participation sport than a spectator sport. Opera is very dramatic and there's no overacting in opera. It's also very funny because it's so unrealistic.

For example, in "La Traviata," the character Violette actually sings the words "Oh joy," just before she suddenly dies of tuberculosis (also known as consumption). And she doesn't just sing any random note. She belts out a high B. It takes a lot of air to produce a note like that. Which is probably why she keels over so abruptly. But at least there was a cause of death. Sometimes, operatic characters keel over for no reason whatsoever.

Would you like to belt out a high B right now?

Let's not and say we did? How about some more of these delicious pastries instead?

Is there anything else that you'd like to say?

Yes. I hope that you join me for another adventure on my virtual tour around the world!

What would you like Lucy (the cat) to write about in her next guest post?

Friday, May 21, 2021

Write a caption day!

 Here is a fun creative writing exercise for you! Write a caption for one or both of the below photographs. On Sunday, I will repost the photographs with the captions that you wrote! Have fun. Use your imagination when coming up with your captions. It's okay if the caption is wild and goofy but please try to make it suitable for audiences of all ages!

picture one

picture two

Please share your captions in the comment section below! I am looking forward to seeing them!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Planted a few years ago #WordlessWednesdays

 Cherry plum tree (prunus cerasifera), planted as a street tree on Grand Island Boulevard.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Fun facts about geckos


Sooo.... I hven't acquired a pet gecko, but I do spend a fair amount of time at a house with two resident geckos. Watching them has made me realize that they are interesting critters. Did you know that a female gecko can be pregnant for years before she finally lays her eggs? A harlequin gecko can be pregnant for three to four years. 

Here are some cool things that I found out about geckos from looking at the treehugger website (Here is a link to the website for more gecko fun: all about geckos).

Geckos have magic feet and can stick to almost any surface that exists. And that's not the only thing that is magical about a gecko. There's also their eyes. Super sensitive to light. They can see really well and in color in the dark. If us humans were like that, our electric bills would be minuscule. Another gecko super power is that, if it's in danger, it can snap off its own tail to get away from its attacker. And later on, the gecko will grow a new tail. 

Geckos like to eat insects mostly. Among their favorite foods are mealworms, crickets, dubia roaches, and hoppers. In the wild, however, geckos will eat pretty much anything that they can find. Unfortunately, on occasion, they also have the habit of eating their own young. After being pregnant for four years.

What are some of the more bizarre behaviors that you've observed in your own pets?

Big Foot is an endangered species and other wacky laws...

The Sasquatch Law: Sasquatch, also known as Big Foot, is described as large and hairy and humanlike. He may even be cousins with the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas.

Apparently, no one has ever actually encountered Sasquatch. If people had come across Sasquatch, we would know for sure whether Big Foot exists or not because of all of the selfies that would flood social media. .I don't know if Big Foot would want to be a Social Media Sensation.

I suppose that it would be okay to take a selfie with Sasquatch. It is not, however, okay to kill Sasquatch. In Skamania county, Washington (state), if you are convicted of murdering Sasquatch, you could go to prison for five years. Big Foot has been designated an endangered species, even though no one has actually ever seen Big Foot.

Here are a few more wacky laws for your entertainment:

Don't eat other humans.
Cannibalism is illegal in Idaho. Amazingly enough, Idaho is the only state to actually ban cannibalism. You could go to prison for fourteen years for cannibalism unless you can prove that your circumstances were extreme and life threatening (think Donner Party). Apparently, no one has ever been prosecuted for cannibalism in Idaho.

No personal nukes in Chico, California. It is illegal to build, maintain, and use nuclear weapons in Chico, California. You can't threaten to nuke people you don't like, just because they are annoying. There are better ways of making yourself glow in the dark and, thus, visible to traffic when you're crossing the street, such as wearing a reflective jacket. Plus you'll be charged a $500 fine and, most likely, your nukes will be confiscated.

A really sharp law in Florida: It is illegal to have sexual relations with a porcupine. I'm not sure why you would want to, unless you're another porcupine.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

My big prize

 Every time I go shopping at my local supermarket (Tops Friendly Markets), I get a chance to win the big prize of $10,000 food and gas stimulus. That's a whole lot of stimulus! I eagerly open up the "Monopoly" ticket because I just know that it's going to be my big stimulus package... paper... 

A few days ago, I opened up the ticket and I saw the two magical words: "You won!" I was so excited about my big prize. And I know that you will be excited about the unboxing of my big prize.

Could it be? A prize winning ticket? 

It's time for the unboxing to start. I excitedly open the box to find the big prize!!!

And I won... a can of tuna, containing 150 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids per serving. Omega 3 fatty acids are very beneficial for a number of reasons. They help to reduce blood pressure, they reduce triglycerides, they slow the development of plaque in the arteries, they reduce the risk of abnormal heart rhythms, they reduce the likelihood of heart attack or stroke, and they lessen the chances for sudden cardiac death for people with heart conditions.

The American Heart Association recommends that people eat fish at least twice a week. Fish that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, sardines, and lake trout. If you don't like to eat fish, you could try taking fish oil supplements. If you have high triglyerides or heart disease, you might need more Omega-3 fatty acids than other people. Check with your doctor to find out how much Omega-3 supplements for the most benefit.

So now that I've unboxed my prize and have discovered that it has wonderful health benefits, it's time to prepare a delicious meal. I'm going to start off by making a tuna salad. Since I don't like mayonnaise, I have chosen to use sour cream as a substitute. Once I have the sour cream mixed into the tuna, it's time to prepare my tuna melt.

Mmmm.... cheddar cheese. The sharper, the better. It has lots of flavor and is positively delicious.

My next step is to cut an avocado in half and to mash half of the avocado until it's nice and smooth.

I have wonderful pita bread that I bought in Buffalo recently. I opened the pita and added tuna and slices of cheese.

The last thing that I added was the mashed avocado. I then sauteed the sandwich in a fry pan with butter, like a grilled cheese sandwich.

Tuna melt with mashed avocado. So delicious!

How do you like to prepare your tuna?

Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek


Today's Ultimate Blogging Challenge prompt is to review a book or a movie. The book that I am reviewing is a book that I am currently reading, called The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, by Kim Michele Richardson.

This book is set in Kentucky during the mid-1930s. It is the story of Cussy Mary Carter, who was a packhorse librarian in the hills of Kentucky. The packhorse librarian program was part of the Works Progress Administration, an American New Deal agency to provide jobs to unemployed people. 

Cussy Mary faces many challenges as a packhorse librarian, including prejudice based on her physical appearance, as well as the physical dangers of navigating steep mountain trails while riding her mule. She has a hereditary condition that causes her skin to be blue. Because of the unusual color of her skin, she faces prejudice and even hostility. At one point, she even becomes a lab rat for a doctor, who claims that he can cure her of her strange coloring. 

Cussy Mary is a witness to a high level of poverty and illiteracy amongst the people who live high in the mountains. For many, she is a source of hope. Too far from libraries or schools, many of the people never learned to read. Despite Cussy Mary's busy work schedule, she always finds the time to read to people who say that they have something in their eye and they can't see the words on the page. She knew that they did not know how to read, as the illiteracy rates were high.

Cussy Mary brought recipes to women and stories to children and magazines to men. She brought scrapbooks, full of information and pictures, to people living high in the mountains. These were scrapbooks that she spent her days off compiling.

Cussy Mary is a fictional person who represents one of 1,000 women who was hired during the Great Depression to bring books and other reading matter to the remote areas of Kentucky. On horse back or mule back, the women brought the library to the customers. 

Books offer people an opportunity to experience lives far different from their own. And that's exactly what The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is doing for me. It is giving me a glimpse into a successful program that truly demonstrated the power of reading, as well as a region and a way of life that I have never known. 

If you are looking for something to read, I would recommend The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, by Kim Michele Richardson.