Sunday, August 5, 2018

Buffalo Garden Walk: statues and fountains

Some of the gardens that I visited in Buffalo had statues and fountains as elements.

These statues and fountains created atmosphere.
They gave the gardens a story. They made the garden feel like a secret and private place. 
In the midst of busy-ness, there was a quiet sanctuary.

The garden, no matter how large or how small, had become a magical getaway from the city in which the garden existed.
The garden felt like a refuge. It was delightful to be a visitor to these gardens. 

I am very thankful to the gardeners for opening up their private worlds for the weekend of the Garden Walk.

For discussion: What are some of your favorite places to go for a getaway? What types of places feel peaceful and relaxing for you. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Garden Walk Buffalo: bees and butterflies

On Sunday, July 29th, I had the opportunity to visit a great variety of gardens in Buffalo, during the annual garden walk. The garden walk is always held during the last weekend in July, and this year's version was the 24th annual garden walk in the City of Buffalo.

monarch butterfly.
I will share photographs of this lovely event over the next few days. Today, I will focus on bees and butterflies.
very large and very busy bumblebee.
Both types of insects are pollinators. Pollinators move pollen from the male structure of a flower (anther) to the female stucture of the same species of plant (stigma). Pollinators are needed because three-quarters of our food supply comes from pollinated plants. 

Other pollinators include mosquitoes, flies, beetles, and various insect species.
brown swallowtail butterfly.
Some types of birds and bats are also pollinators.

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

#SkyWatchFriday #Blogboost sunset

As Jude and I were traveling west after the Saturday house party for Nathan McMurray in Murray, New York, we saw this beautiful sunset, so we stopped to take a picture. 

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Images from a Congressional campaign

In January, I shared the story and images of Nathan McMurray's announcement that he was running for the House of Representatives in New York's 27th district. Here is a link to that post.

Running for Congress in a district as large as New York's 27th means a lot of travel. For me, that has been virtually impossible, due to transportation issues.
Fortunately, on Saturday, this wonderful button maker named Jude Keys gave me a ride to
historic house in
Murray, N.Y.
Murray, N.Y., in 

Orleans County for a midsummer night's dinner at the home of Jayne, who was very hospitable, kind, and supportive of Nate. (Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with both Jude and Jayne.)
The party was held outside in Jayne's yard. There have been all sorts of house parties in support of Nate being held all over the 27th district. I will photograph and share as many as I can..

Samantha Buccini talked about the change that Nate has created in Grand Island, since being elected town supervisor in 2015. 

Nate shared his story and his hopes
for a nation that he believes in.
Nate has created change in
Grand Island as town supervisor,
and he has the optimism,
energy, and enthusiasm to
do the same in Washington, D.C.

Upcoming: Look for more stories and images from the Nathan McMurray for Congress campaign!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Relaxing floral Sunday

Happy Sunday! It's midsummer, and it's a beautiful season, full of sunlight and bright colors. It has rained off and on this weekend. After days of heat and dryness, the precipitation was welcome. Here are some of the colors of the past few days for you.

Coming next week: The Buffalo Garden Walk is scheduled for the weekend of July 28th and July 29th. I'll be there, with my camera. Look for the pictures next week!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

This day in history: government goes mad

You wouldn't bee-lieve how mad government can be
Lately, it seems as if government has gone mad. Sooo... the question is... is this anything new? Apparently, the answer is no. Lunacy in government has been going on for centuries. One of the most dramatic examples of a government gone mad occurred in ancient Rome.

On July 18th, 64 A.D., Rome burned. No, Nero wasn't fiddling while it happened. In fact, he wasn't even in Rome when the fire occurred. Nero playing a violin while watching his city burn down, which killed hundreds and resulted in thousands becoming homeless, is definitely the image of "I couldn't care less." But it never happened. For one thing, Nero would have had to have gotten into a time machine and traveled to the future, just to obtain the fiddle. The oldest known violin was made in the 1500s. But still, Nero did play the lyre, which was a forerunner of the violin.

Nero was a mean man. He used the fire as an excuse to persecute Christians, and many people suffered as a result.

Also on this date, in the area of government: in 1945, sixteen commissioned and noncommissioned officers in the U.S. Army were accused by House Military Affairs Subcommittee chief counsel H. Ralph Burton of being communists. This occurred years before the McCarthy era began. Mr. Burton apparently was the forerunner of Rep. Joseph McCarthy, who accused numerous people of being "card carrying members of the Communist Party." They included actors, movie directors, authors, and others. The search for "communists" was likened to a witch hunt. Eventually, Sen. McCarthy became more erratic and began accusing Members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, as well as President Dwight Eisenhower, of being communists. 

Sen. McCarthy, who suffered from alcoholism, died before completing his second term at the age of 48 in 1957 of hepatitis.

The Red Scare of the 1950s resulted in a lot of suffering. People were accusing their neighbors of being communists. Others were forced out of their jobs and were unable to find employment, due to blacklists.

Please discuss this: "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Flutterby butterfly

Today, I spotted a monarch butterfly flitting amidst the coneflowers. It was beautiful and it stayed for some time before flying away. Here are some portraits of the lovely butterfly, that fluttered by until it fluttered away.

Butterfly magic
flying over sea and land
coneflower visit

Stop, smell the flowers
look for the nectar within
pollination time

Stretch colorful wings
easterly and westerly
adventures await

Butterfly resting
not being a flutterby
a beautful lull

Soon I will be gone
to explore other gardens
yellow coneflowers.
Notes: Feel free to share butterfly stories... or comments about butterflies... or bees... or any kind of pollinator.
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