Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The jarring jar post

Today's blog post is sponsored by the letter J. J is for jars. It's a great word. It also encourages invention of new and strange words. Lewis Carroll was good at inventing new and strange words. 

Jar is a great word. It has all sorts of meanings. One meaning is "to make a harsh or discordant sound."
Off-key singing is very jarring.
The cacophony of chaotic commentary by presidential candidates has been unusually jarring.
Jarring can also mean to cause shaking or vibrations. Carsick jarring or an amusement park ride jarring sort of thing. The teacup ride. Spinning wildly. Creating vertigo.
The sounds of the squawking presidential candidates produce the same sort of jarring effects as the teacup ride in the amusement park. Rapidly spinning, confusing the inner ears, scrambling the brain.
Very jarring.
Also jarring: rapid topic shifts. Well. Here you go. Well, that's enough of the jarrification. We're up for a topic shift.

Another definition of a jar is a cylindrical glass or earthenware vessel with no handles. A vessel to store food. Yummy food. Food that can be kept for a while.

The original jars were made of clay.

Now jars are made mostly of glass. The mason jar was invented in 1858 by John L. Mason, an inventor and tin smith. He invented a machine that could cut threads into lids so that you could close your jar with a nice, screw-on lid. That made it possible for people to preserve fruits and vegetables for winter.

The food is very jarrilicious.

OK, well, one last comment about jar.

Um. Things can mysteriously become jars.

The door is ajar... um... The door is a jar.

I'd say more but, all of a sudden, I'd like to open a jar and scoop out some jam. Jam in a jar. Jam, jam, and tea. A Sound of Music jam jar...

What is your favorite type of jam in a jar?


Barry Joyce said...

It has to be strawberry for me

Nick #thisyearinmusic said...

What was your new word?

Alice Gerard said...

Jarrilicious is the made up word.

Anna Jeanine said...

LOVED your alliterative comment about the cacophony of chaotic commentary we experience from the presidential candidates. And all the jarrification that followed.:)

I think small jars are adorable, especially as containers. But my favorite thing to consume in a jar is sweet tea in mason jars.

Have a great day!


My UBC post...

Alana said...

I've been traveling in the South this week, and have seen so many types of jams (and jellies) for sale. My favorite? Homemade Concord grape jelly and homemade strawberry jam.

Kristin said...

I have so many jars stored in my cupboard that I am afraid they are going to fall out. Seems such a shame to toss them,even to the recycle bin. Finding Eliza

Martha DeMeo said...

Can i have 2 favorite jams? I love strawberry and raspberry equally. What a great blog, I would have never thought of Jar even though I see them.everyday!

Alice Gerard said...

You can have as many favorite jams and as many jars as you like. Don't let them fall out. Once they're empty, you might want to decorate them with glass paint. You could have your own jarrish works of art.