Friday, July 29, 2016

insect haiku

Today's blog post is a celebration of the insects and snails that I've photographed in the last few weeks. I have truly discovered the beauty of insects as they go about the routine of pollinating. The snails are fascinating little creatures. I hope that you enjoy these little delights of nature.

Lovely bumblebee
visiting a coneflower
on a summer's day.

Such a busy bee
its feet covered with pollen
flits between flowers

What would it feel like
to have to carry your house
everywhere you went?

The snail explores
amidst the weeds and grasses
the lovely garden

Precious honeybee
blends into the yellowness
of its host daisy.

Bright white coneflower
visit from a bumblebee
on a hot, dry day

Butterfly glows blue
on a gravely walkway
sun beating down hard.

It is a good world
when you can meet with your friends
in forests and fields.

This praying mantis
finds a home in the garden
lovely large insect.

1 comment:

Alana said...

Gentle raindrops fall
Plants and flowers soak it in
Quenching their long thirst

Perhaps more rain tomorrow?