Monday, May 15, 2017

The 52-week photography project: purple magic

The theme for week eighteen of the 52-week photography project was "purple." The Dogwood Photography Studio describes purple as the color of royalty, magic, and mystery.

When I was a little kid, one of my favorite stories was Harold and the Purple Crayon, written and illustrated by Crockett Johnson.
It was about a little boy named Harold, who went out and made an entire world by drawing it with a purple crayon.
He had all sorts of adventures. He even drew a sea and had to swim hard to keep from drowning before he got the idea to draw a sailboat for himself. It was a dramatic story. Harold was very independent and very brave. He drew his way out of all sorts of potential disasters.

I wanted to be Harold. I wanted to have a magical purple crayon to draw a world. An entirely purple world with purple windows and purple doors and purple people and purple food and a purple sky. 

I never got that magical purple crayon. This week, though, I got to revisit my love for all things purple. It has been fun to look for purple things, both inside and outside. I discovered that, even though I couldn't draw a world with a purple crayon, I could still discover a beautiful, purple world.

Next week: Stay tuned for the next episode of the 52 week photography project.


Alana said...

No purple prose in this post. I have a co worker who loves everything purple. She even has a purple coffeemaker. I wore a purple blouse to work yesterday. I love purple flowers (especially petunias). My favorite were those purple chairs. A great idea for a post. said...

You say purple- and I think people eater. Showing my age, for sure...