Saturday, August 12, 2017

If we are singing coffee...

Note: I am participating in a seven-day blogging challenge, called the Write Tribe Festival of Words. Write Tribe is an online community of bloggers that "urges you to write bravely." The day  seven prompt is “if we are having coffee.” This is the last post in the challenge. It’s been fun and I’ve made new friends. It doesn’t get any better than that. Why not end the challenge with fun and music? Everyone is invited to a concert. The concert’s theme is coffee, and the title is “if we are singing coffee.” Here are some selections that celebrate coffee, featuring singers who perform in a variety of styles. Who would ever guess that so many people can sing with such gusto about coffee?
link to Write Tribe.

Black Coffee, with Ella Fitzgerald

Coffee Time, with Natalie Cole

The Coffee Song, with Frank Sinatra

I love coffee, I love tea!!!
Java Jive, with Manhattan Transfer

You're the cream in my coffee, with Nat King Cole

One Cup of Coffee, with Bob Marley

I hope that you've had fun and that you've enjoyed the Coffee Concert. What is your favorite beverage? Do share in the comments section.


Vinitha said...

I didn't know that there were these many songs on coffee. Loved the coffee concert, Alice. Thanks for sharing. And yay, we made it to the finishing line. Congrats on completing the challenge. :)

Holly Jahangiri said...

Unfortunately, three of those aren't available for viewing on copyright grounds. :(

But I get the point, and I'm familiar with most of them, so I enjoyed the concert in my head, anyway. :) Would love to have coffee with you, Alice.

charu said...

Wonderful! Such a melodious take on the prompt. I haven't heard some of these coffee songs!

Anchal said...

You have taken such a great take on the prompts. Thanks for introducing me to so many songs

Vasantha Vivek said...

Ha ... Ha .... I enjoyed a lot and more fun than going for a real coffee concert. Brilliant idea, it was.

Sanch Writes said...

I had no idea there were all these coffee songs! :D

Shilpa Garg said...

So many coffee songs. Was not aware of them. Certainly having a cup of coffee with these songs in the background would add to the joy and flavor of coffee. Thanks for sharing, Alice :)