Sunday, April 4, 2021

C is for cookie, cakes, and maybe a cobweb

C is for cookie. Yummy, delicious cookies made by Ellen DeNormand, who formerly owned the bakery, "Momma De's." It was a fun place where you could get cookies and cupcakes and all sorts of sweet treats.

And not only that, you could get a culinary education. Ellen offered workshops in decorating cookies and cakes. Of all of the fun things, what could be more fun than that?
You're probably wondering why I added the word "cobweb." Well, actually, the very first cookie decorating class that I went to at Momma De's was one October, when we were decorating cookies for my favorite holiday, Halloween. And, of course, you need to have cobwebs and dangly spiders and all sorts of things that go bump in the night on Halloween.
So anyway, now that Momma De's is closed, Ellen is still baking and selling her cookies.

Not only that, she puts together kits for people to buy so we can decorate cookies at home. Doing the cookie decorating at home makes it socially distanced fun. Whoever said that being socially distanced couldn't be fun? Thanks to Ellen, there is fun to be had.

I got my Easter cookie decorating kit on Friday, and I have been happily decorating. I still have a few more cookies to decorate, which I will do tomorrow. Why not spread out the fun? I gave away a few of the cookies to a neighbor and she was very happy.
After all, it says in "Everything I Needed to Know, I learned in Kindergarten," share everything. 
Sharing is fun, radiating outward.


Martha said...

Your cookie is so cute! Happy Easter,Lia and I did cookies, cake and candy for our "C" blog!

Lady In Read said...

I love the glazed icing on your cookies.. and love that yellow background on your cobweb!!

Tamara said...

Cookie, Cake and Halloween treats, what's not to love!

Very nice to keep the fun alive by creating home baking kits.

You were paying attention at Kindergarten, Gold Stars to you!

Andrea said...

Nice cookies! I admire people like you who have such patience for this :)

Lisa said...

Such cute cookies! My decorating skills are about a 0! Thank you for "cobweb," that saved me in the scavenger hunt!

Chapters From My Life said...

Had to pop in a candy in my mouth while going through your blog. Such amazing cookies.. Since I work with children, I could try some ideas.

Mike said...

Yum! Cookies